Be Obsessed or Be Average! by Grant Cardone – Use Your Healthy Obsession To Achieve Aassive Success

By Lucas Arnold, April 27, 2019

In the title « Be Obsessed or Be Average«  Grant indicates that in order to be successful you have to be obsessed obsession is a gift and once you discover your obsession .

learn how to control and focus your obsessions so you could become a powerful unstoppable person, when manifesting your dreams into reality.

Now avoid unhealthy obsessions, the difference between an unhealthy obsession and a healthy obsession.

A unhealthy obsession helps you to escape reality, where a healthy obsession helps you to turn your dreams into reality. Now don’t allow anyone to tell you how well you are doing, only you can know how well you’re doing when you’re on the path to achieving.

whatever success you’re trying to achieve. Obsession is the only option that you have if success is something that you truly do desire. Take responsibility of your life and success you are the one that’s responsible for it.

Feel you deserve massive success so abundant it can’t be taken or destroyed. In this book Grant Cardone also expresses to cut average out of your life put a stop to the epidemic of average in our culture.

we are constantly bombarded with so much average advice take it, easy do it later no don’t work too much. Don’t become average disregard that advice and become obsessed with success people who try to persuade you to give up are not there to help you they’re just trying to make sense of their own quitting do not ever, ever, take advice from quitters.

Now a great question to ask yourself is what to be obsessed with? Now this question takes self-auditing and self- analysis into what you truly can obsess about and what you truly feel your purpose in life is.

In this book Grant Cardone lays out great questions to help you to discover your purpose, your personal interests, your money motivators, your skills, talents, the lifestyle you desire, amongst many more.

Now grasp a sense of what life you want to live, what would you do with your time, who would you spend your time with? Once you find and discover your passion and your purpose it is good to have daily goals to practice.

Grant does not mean just achieving activities grant is referring two wins goals that are so out of your league at this moment that it’ll blow your mind once you achieve it. A future so great that it pulls you towards the constant obsession towards attaining it.

Discover what feeds your consistency to take action feed the beast, does success feed you? Does productivity feed you? does the thought of reaching your highest potential feed you?

Find what feeds your obsession face master and channel your obsession into an engine of massive energized momentum for the success of whatever you desire.

Become laser-focused when accomplishing your goals, also feed the economic beast, value money, and set high financial goals get your money correct, get your mind state about money correct, and your bank account correct.

Also grant expresses to surround yourself with others that are also obsessed. What is the opposite of obsession? the opposite of session can be viewed as doubt. The idea is to starve the doubt in your life.

Doubt cripples you from taking action. Obsession makes action your duty. Don’t allow your dreams to be killed by doubt, make a vow to yourself that doubt and blame are dead to you.

Keep your focus and drive towards your successful future and drop the past. The world is full of so many people that gave up on their dreams and now all they want to do is spend their lives telling others to give up on theirs.

And this could be extremely challenging when it’s a loved one of yours. The best way to approach this is to hit your goals over and over and over and over again until your loved ones have no choice but to believe in you.

And do not allow naysayers or haters to bother you. Turn them into a positive, take it as time to reaffirm your purpose and your obsession. Starve haters and the doubters by accomplishing your goals and remain committed to your obsession.

Remember massive success is the best revenge next dominate. Dominate yourself and all aspects of your life to win. Dominate your thinking, your time, your money, your brand, and of course dominate your area of obsession and win.

Next grant talks about something you have to become obsessed with, if your building a brand, if you’re building a business, become obsessed with sales. Sales affect everything therefore it is an incredibly important thing to master.

Demand sales quotas be obsessed with closing deals. To help you with your goals and growth, over promise and over deliver. Grant claims that by over-promising what it does is it puts you at an obligation to over-deliver.

When you’re building a brand or business try and go beyond the one-man show. Strive to build an obsessive team of rock star employees hire others to help you build your brand or business.

Do not refuse to assume control like average people do. be a control freak, control is a good thing it’s like taking control of a car and driving it to the destination that you’ve always dreamed by controlling the process you can control the results.

Be obsessed with persistence do not recognize failure as sign to quit unless you want to be a quitter the super successful user failure as fuel to learn grow and persist.

Avoid excuses no matter what instead of making excuses persist the success you have in the future might be determined by how much you persist through hard times.

One of the last key point is to be obsessed forever, constantly and consistently refuel your obsessions.

A great way to test and discover if your healthy obsession is the right thing to obsess about. Two things should be true, the first thing that should be true is does the obsession you have improved the outcome of your life and others life? The second is does your obsession move you to reveal more of your potential?

If your answer is yes to both of those then you have found your healthy obsession. Use your healthy obsession to achieve massive success in this life.

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