How Google’s Ban will Affect your Huawei Phone

By Isabella Hart, April 14, 2019
Huawei is a Chinese based tech company with huge influence in the smartphone market. Recently on orders enforced by the US government, google will ban future huawei phones from using android OS and its Google play services like gmail, google maps and youtube etc.
The ban will take effect after 90 days maybe during the month of AUG. But how does it affect you if you are already using a huawei phone.
There are 4 things you need to know if you are a huawei user so lets begin.
1 – Android OS: Huawei has always preferred android as their primary operating system but after the ban, huawei users will no longer recieve updates for New Android versions.
however The good news is that android will not stop working on the existing huawei devices and the current huawei phones will continue to work on android operating system.
But the new huawei phones will not be that lucky and the android Operating system will be banned to them.
2 – Google play store and android apps:
In short, google play store and all of its services like gmail, google maps and youtube etc will still work on your existing huawei phones according to the Android company’s statement on twitter.
However these features will not be supported by new huawei phones in the future unless of course the huawei somehow comes to good terms with the US government.
3 – Updates If you have huawei phones right now
You will continue to recieve app updates and you can easily update your android apps.
But the updates to android operating system will not be accessible to you.
And for future huawei phones, google play store will not be available to them and they
will not recieve any updates whatsoever.
4 – How will Huawei deal with this?
According to sources, Huawei has known about the ban for quite some time now and they have been working to develop their own operating system to compete with android.
This is gonna be an extremely difficult task and if huawei somehow achieves this ts gonna have a huge impact on the smartphone industry.
At last, to summarize all of this, if you are already an huawei user, the ban will not
affect you that much.
Some of the future android apps might not be accessible to you and android updates will
also be off limits for you.
But other than that, you can continue to use your huawei phone like before.

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